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Yes, spring has finally really started. All flowers and plants bloom again. Unfortunately, for many people this also means that hay fever will come back on. A runny nose, dry throat and itchy and irritated eyes are well-known symptoms that recur annually. Hay fever is caused because the immune system reacts sensitively to allergens. Instead of pills, nasal spray or other medication, you can also try CBD so that the immune system gets a big boost.

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Discover the luxury women’s box from Goldfish Amsterdam

A nice gift for your best friend, mother, sister, colleague or yourself! Discover this luxury booster box specially developed for women. To get acquainted with the luxury CBD products from Goldfish Amsterdam, we have put together this box with love especially for you. The Luxury Booster Box ladies contains the delicious CBD & CBG floral tea that is incredibly refreshing as iced tea. If you prefer to drink the tea, you can do that in the luxury tea cup that is also in the package while enjoying a wonderful piece of CBD chocolate. To support your immune system daily, the package contains the well-known lemongrass 5% CBD oil. The CBD sweets are simple for en route. Here’s every woman is happy!

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What is Cold Brew CBD Coffee?

With its increasing popularity, many are already using CBD to help them cope with, and reduce a wide variety of symptoms and ailments (you can read more about it here).  But, CBD can also be use preventively, in the same way as many of us also take a regiment of different vitamins and minerals to help keep us healthy.  That is why it can be not only beneficial, but actually essential that we incorporate CBD products into our daily health and wellness regimen.  In this way, we can help our bodies achieve and maintain overall health and well-being.

For a healthy person who wants to take CBD as a nutritional supplement in the same way they do their vitamins, CBD coffee is an excellent, discreet and easy way to get part of their daily dose.

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Goldfish Amsterdam wins Jack Herer Cup

This year, the Jack Herer Cup Amsterdam 2020 went online via livestream due to COVID-19. The cannabis cup is now known worldwide and is of course entirely devoted to the writer, cannabis pioneer and activist Jack Herer (June 18, 1939 – April 15, 2010). Jack Herer was an outspoken advocate of legal cannabis. Every year, coffee shop owners, seed companies and now CBD companies look forward to the competition. Goldfish Amsterdam also competed this year for the best CBD supplement. And we can proudly say that Goldfish Amsterdam is the winner of the Jack Herer Cup 2020 with the new product CBN with melatonin.

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CBD with lemongrass, what makes it so special?

Lemongrass is a special tropical plant that jumped from Asia originating. The word that is not only used in the kitchen for the delicious fresh taste, but also the number of good equity to support your overall health. As a result, Goldfish Amsterdam has developed special CBD with lemongrass.

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