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Goldfish Amsterdam has been the market leader in the CBD industry within Europe for a number of years. Our target group are people with a healthy and conscious lifestyle. Goldfish Amsterdam develops hemp extracts with passion in which the environment and quality are of paramount importance. The world of cannabinoids is developing at lightning speed, making CBD increasingly popular and increasing the demand for high-quality CBD products.

Our great team of scientists, nutritionists and medical cannabis and CBD specialists are constantly developing new CBD products. Partly because of this, Goldfish Amsterdam has a wide range of the well-known CBD products, from lemon grass oil to CBD snacks for pets. To ensure that all Goldfish Amsterdam products are safe for humans and animals, our products are extensively tested by an independent laboratory. We are proud that everyone can easily find the analysis laboratory report of our products online via the batch code on the packaging.


People are increasingly recognizing CBD for its many therapeutic properties. The increasing popularity of CBD means that it is available almost everywhere. Unfortunately, it is impossible to hold a bottle of CBD oil up to the light to see if it contains any active ingredients. Hemp is a cleaning crop. The plant thus absorbs everything from the soil in which it grows. So it can absorb good things such as vitamins and minerals, as well as bad substances such as lead, petroleum and toxic chemicals.

The safest CBD oil comes from areas where the government requires farmers to be certified and regularly check their fields for toxins. Checks to make sure that there are no pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, fungi, solvent residues or other foreign substances in the soil. That is why it is increasingly important to be sure that you are using safe CBD oil. Goldfish Amsterdam only sells high-quality hemp products and guarantees 100% safety for humans & animals, whereby the test results are accessible to everyone via the batch code.


All our hemp is grown and harvested by a group of selected farmers in Switzerland. These farmers are all certified and use agricultural techniques that are sustainable. The CBD products from Goldfish Amsterdam contains pure molecular CBD crystals. This is a conscious choice by Goldfish Amsterdam because this is the purest version of CBD. Our molecular CBD crystals are developed using the most modern CO2 extraction technologies. As a result, our products contain no other cannabinoids from the hemp plant and the molecular CBD crystals are no less than 99.8% pure. This means that all our CBD products are completely 100% THC free. This allows our CBD consumers to safely participate in traffic.


Since 20 January 2019, 100% pure CBD has been placed in the European Novel Food Catalog. This means that all 100% pure CBD products currently sold in the Netherlands have Novel Food status. Novel foods are foods and ingredients that were not sold as food within the European Union (EU) before May 15, 1997. These Novel Foods must be tested against the European Regulation on novel foods (Novel Food Regulation). This means that CBD foods and supplements must be evaluated for consumer safety and seek authorization from EU authorities to place them on the European market. This authorization is handled by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for all Europian-Union states.

Goldfish Amsterdam has applied for the novel food status in accordance with scientific requirements and detailed guidance. The outcome of these applications are still pending. This allows us to offer our CBD products in most countries of the European Union.


Goldfish Amsterdam notices that there is a great lack of knowledge about CBD. Thus, different oils can be used and are mixed up. People still worry about getting stoned or high on CBD. What dosage and what percentage is sensible? And which CBD oil is good? Due to the popularity of CBD, there are also hundreds of brands and this leads to uncertainty for many people.

Goldfish Amsterdam wants to reduce concerns about CBD by providing the correct information. Due to its therapeutic properties, CBD is also increasingly used for medicinal purposes. The demand for professional advice and guidance in the administration of cannabis and related products is growing. This is because more and more scientific studies are appearing showing the effect of different cannabinoids in different syndromes. Goldfish Amsterdam has medicinal cannabis & CBD specialists in its team, so that everyone can receive expert advice on the use and application possibilities of cannabinoids.


JHC 2020Goldfish Amsterdam wins the Jack Herer Cup Amsterdam 2020 – 1st place with CBN

This year, the Jack Herer Cup Amsterdam 2020 went online via livestream due to COVID-19. The Jack Herer Cup is a cannabis cup now known worldwide and, of course, entirely dedicated to the writer, cannabis pioneer and activist Jack Herer (June 18, 1939 – April 15, 2010). Jack Herer was an outspoken advocate of legal cannabis. Every year, coffee shop owners, seed companies and now CBD companies look forward to the competition. Goldfish Amsterdam also participated this year for the best CBD supplement. And we can proudly say that Goldfish Amsterdam is cup winner with the new product CBN with melatonin.

Goldfish Amsterdam wins the Jack Herer Cup Amsterdam 2019 – 3rd place with 5% CBD lemon grass oil.

In 2019 Goldfish Amsterdam participated for the first time in the Jack Herer Cup Amsterdam. The event that coffee shop owners, seed companies and nowadays CBD companies look forward to every year. The contest is in honor and memory of Jack Herer, an outspoken activist for legal cannabis. This year Goldfish Amsterdam participated in the lemongrass 5% CBD oil and we were proud to receive awards. Goldfish Amsterdam wins 3rd place with the 5% CBD lemon grass oil.

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Goldfish Amsterdam can never guarantee that CBD and other cannabinoids will work with certainty for a certain ailment or disease. CBD is a food supplement. Under EU law, CBD and other cannabinoids cannot be labeled, presented or advertised as having the ability to prevent, treat or cure any disease. Our information never replaces the advice of a doctor or pharmacist. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist first.

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