Goldfish Amsterdam 1% CBN with Melatonin

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Globally, 15% of insomnia is caused by everyday stress and 30% by chronic diseases. If you cannot sleep well, it has negative effects on your mood, your vitality and the performance of your work. A disturbed biological clock, inability to fall asleep or inability to sleep can be a serious problem. A chronic sleep disorder can in some cases cause extreme fatigue or even memory loss. Many sleeping tablets have side effects and can even have an addictive effect in the long term. Many people therefore prefer to look for natural solutions to sleep better. As a result, Goldfish Amsterdam has developed CBN with melatonin & lavender extract against insomnia. This special extract comes in an airtight bottle with 170 sprays, making dosing very easy. In addition to sophisticated concentrations of CBN, this spray based on distilled mineral water also contains melatonin, lavender distillate, kittel flower and lemon balm distillate. A unique formula that provides a natural solution for an improved night’s sleep.


100% THC free
Free from pesticides, heavy metals and allergens
GMP compliant
100% natural




CBN or cannabinol is a lesser known cannabinoid that is formed when THC or the plant acid oxidizes THC-A. Certainly if hemp has been standing for a long time, there is a good chance that CBN will be found. CBN has a relaxing effect, without the psychoactive high that you can get from THC.

Lavender is loved for its characteristic fresh scent. Lavender contains linalool that has a calming effect. When you inhale this scent, it has a beneficial effect on your central nervous system, causing the brain to receive calming signals.

Kittelbloem is also known from Ayurveda as a natural antioxidant and has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation and the immune system.

Lemon balm is known for its protective effect against overactivity or excessive external stimuli. Lemon balm is therefore a popular herb for a better night’s sleep and to reduce insomnia.


Melatonin is a hormone produced by a gland in the brain and plays a role in our body’s sleep-wake rhythm. As soon as it gets dark, the production of melatonin increases. Your body sends a signal that it is time to go to sleep. As soon as it gets light again in the morning, the production of melatonin decreases again, causing you to wake up. Goldfish Amsterdam 1% CBN with Melatonin is used as a supplement to help you fall asleep faster. Goldfish Amsterdam 1% CBN melatonin & lavender extract contains a mild, safe concentration of melatonin, because otherwise a disruption of the biological clock could occur at higher concentrations.

You can also feel free to look at the CBG caffeine-free coffee from Goldfish Amsterdam.


Dosage Take 9 sprays directly into your mouth 15 minutes before going to bed.
Instructions Shake before use. Spray the correct dose into your mouth. Hold under the tongue for up to 60 seconds and then swallow.
To keep In a cool, dry and dark place (preferably in the fridge)
Shelf life See best before date on the bottle
CBN Content 10 ml: 100 mg
Color lilac
Ingredients CBN (cannabinol) 100 MG (1%), Melatonin, Distilled mineral water, Kittelbloem distillate, Lemon balm distillate, Lavender distillate
Carrier Distilled mineral water
Allergen information No
Pay attention Bottle is made of glass (put upright)

2 reviews for Goldfish Amsterdam 1% CBN with Melatonin

  1. Esmeralda Angelina

    Werkt erg goed. Slaap goed

  2. Marlies

    Mijn ‘go to slaaphulpje’ . Ik ben helemaal weg van deze CBN . Als ik deze spay gebruik slaap ik als een Roosje en ik word helemaal uitgeslapen wakker! 🌹

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