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A nice gift for your best friend, mother, sister, colleague or yourself! Discover this luxury booster box specially developed for women. To get acquainted with the luxury CBD products from Goldfish Amsterdam, we have put together this box with love especially for you. The Luxury Booster Box ladies contains the delicious CBD & CBG floral tea that is incredibly refreshing as iced tea. If you prefer to drink the tea, you can do that in the luxury tea cup that is also in the package while enjoying a wonderful piece of CBD chocolate. To support your immune system daily, the package contains the well-known lemongrass 5% CBD oil. The CBD sweets are simple for en route. Here’s every woman is happy!

The luxury woman booster box contains:

Lemongrass 5% CBD oil
CBD & CBG natural flower tea
CBD chocolate
CBD Sweets
Luxury cup and saucer

5% CBD Lemongrass Oil:

Goldfish Amsterdam 5% CBD Lemongrass oil is made with pure molecular CBD crystals of biologically grown and fully certified hemp plants and infringes with the health benefits of pure lemongrase extract. The Omega 3 and Omega 9-rich Skal-certified olive oil base is further reinforced with vitamin D3, creating a unique and unparalleled synergistic effect that our Goldfish Amsterdam Lemongrass distinguishes a 15% CBD oil from comparable products.

Natural floral tea with CBD & CBG:

Goldfish Amsterdam has compiled a natural floral tea with CBD & CBG. This organic mixture with dried flowers and herbs has been specially developed, so that everyone can enjoy this pure tea without adding artificial color and flavors. This makes tea both cold and warm. The natural floral tea with CBD & CBG has been carefully put together for you due to the teahibisis, chamomile, golden flower, roos leaf, cornflower and licorice. These flowers are known for their positive welfare benefits and in combination with CBD & CBG this reinforces the positive effect.

CBD chocolate:

Goldfish Amsterdam CBD chocolate bars are made by hand in Belgium by a crowned chocolatier for an unparalleled luxury and taste experience. Every Goldfish Amsterdam CBD chocolate bar contains 244 mg CBD of certified European hemp farms, sweetened with stevia and rolled into peeled hemp seeds for extra food benefits. Enjoy an ultimate CBD experience!

CBD sweets:

The CBD sweets from Goldfish Amsterdam have a subtle passive fruit flavor, from natural ingredients and contains no artificial taste and dyes. Instead of sugar, the CBD candies of goldfish Amsterdam contain sweetener isomalt (E-953). Each pot has 20 sweets and one candy but holds 10 mg CBD. Goldfish Amsterdam CBD Candy is packed in a glass jar as an alternative to plastic for a better environment. Tip easy for en route.

Luxury cup and saucer:

This elegant lady’s joint tea cup is made of high-quality ceramics, safe and durable and painted by hand. This set is easy to clean, specially material surface ensures simple cleaning, stain resistance and can also be in the dishwasher.

Goldfish Amsterdam Deluxe ladies box.

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